Does your company need more information about how to serve your customers with disabilities?

We believe the lack of knowledge about disability is what makes for etiquette fumbles and nervousness. Our goal with The CIL's Disability Awareness Training is to make you more comfortable around a variety of assistive technology tools that people with disabilities use everyday.  

Each training is tailored to your needs with flexible scheduling and duration, with the ability to select modules that are most beneficial for your organization.  Below you will find a brief description of all the different modules that are available. Each module is designed to be fun and interactive and will provide participants with hands on exploration activities that will enhance understanding of the disability community.  If you serve a population that isn’t represented here, let us know and we will work to accommodate your every request.


Low Vision/Blindness:

In this interactive training you will learn that there are many different types of vision loss and how this information will guide your customer service approach. You will also learn the invaluable skill of human guiding.  This small useful technique will not only impress your customers but will make assisting this population that much easier.



In this module you will get a chance to not only roll around in a wheelchair, but also play some basketball! We will also explore the basic mechanics of a wheelchair  to demonstrate functions of daily use.


Assistive technology in the workplace:

Let’s demystify what some of your co-workers may use to get their work done.  Get a hands-on demonstration on why these tools are so important and how they work.  


Guide dogs:

Do you have any questions about service animals or how to interact with them and their owners? Service animals, such as dog-guides, are amazing animals that undergo intensive training. In this module, we will discuss the firm rules that will guide you before and during these interactions. It is our goal to have a dog-guide on sight for this module.



Our trainers are well-versed in working with disabilities, whether through work with fellow employees or personal experience.  We will provide you with helpful tips and information that have proven to be successful in the past. Since there is no one way to address specific disabilities or situations, this open, discussion-based module will provide you the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback regarding any concerns or interests from you and your organization.