Introducing 3D-Printed Tactile Maps from TheCIL

Our 3D-Printed Tactile Maps create new navigation possibilities for people with visual impairments without the need for high tech devices.


Interested in getting a map for yourself or your business?  Contact us below to get a quote.

Neighborhood Maps

Using aerial imaging technology, we can create tactile maps that represent entire neighborhoods, school campuses, or office complexes.


Shown: Apple Park, home to Apple Inc. and Google's Mountain View Headquarters (above).

Transit Maps

For Transportation Agencies

Using any city's existing subway or bus map, we are able to recreate the transit routes in 3D, with unique textures for each individual track, and stations labeled in Braille. 


Shown: San Francisco's Bay Area Rapid Transit Map.


Interested in getting maps for yourself or your business?  Contact us today! Maps are approximately 8 by 10 inches.

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