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Accelerate! Closing the Gap Between University and Employment

About The Program

TheCIL’s Accelerate program is a college-to-career program that develops independent job search skills in recently graduated and soon-to-be graduating college students with disabilities. 


We also collaborate with local colleges, universities, and Bay Area companies to positively evolve the disability employment narrative to focus on diversity and inclusivity. 


In short, we want to change the world by helping you change yours. 


Along with our educational resources and media, we are doing this in two ways:

Program Components


Disability Employment Strategies Workshops 

Held on campuses and online, our Disability Employment Strategies Workshops inform and empower students and faculty by teaching the history of disability rights in the workplace and how to fight discrimination and advocate for oneself as you enter competitive employment.


Disability Employment Panels

Disability Employment Panels see us partnering with a variety of CEOs, diversity & inclusion officers, recruiters, and employees with disabilities at Bay Area companies. They help us to bring disability and employment discussions to local colleges, universities, and online. Our panels change the perception of disability to be more positive and inclusive. Panels also empower students by helping them see themselves in high-level, competitive positions while giving them real-world perspectives on disability employment.

Join The Program

Whether you have students with a disability looking to develop job search skills, a company looking to evolve disability employment culture, or a college/university requesting an event for graduating students or staff, joining the Accelerate Program is easy and free of charge.


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