By building or installing various home modifications, The CIL Residential Access Program helps residents live more safely and independently in their homes.



Margie & Luis

A Residential Access Story

In this video, "Margie & Luis", we talk with The CIL Residential Access Coordinator, Margie Cochran, about how one particular client came to the attention of The CIL.  We sit down with the client, Luis, a 20-year-old from Oakland, as he explains how the new ramp, provided by The CIL, has helped him to live more independently.    




Residential Access Program

By building or installing various home modifications, The CIL helps residents live more safely and independently in their homes.  Our Residential Access Specialist will do a home assessment to figure out the best modifications to meet your specific needs.

Examples of modifications include:

  • Exterior lifts or ramps, grab bars, standing poles

  • Flexible shower hoses

  • Flashing doorbells

  • Tactile stair tread

  • Handrails and much more

This program is free for low to moderate income Berkeley residents who have a verified disability, whether homeowner or renter.

If you do not fit the requirements for this program, CIL has a fee-for-service consultation for homeowners who live in the East Bay to determine the best ways to make their homes more accessible.

Designing a Ramp |

The CIL Residential Access Program

In this short video, "Designing a Ramp", Residential Access Coordinator, Margie Cochran explains the process behind designing a ramp for a Residential Access client.


New to smart home technology?  Visit our Assistive Technology Lab to learn about Smart TVs, voice-command lighting, and more.

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For more information about TheCIL's Residential Access Program, contact:

John Benson

Residential Access Coordinator

or contact The CIL at 510-841-4776




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