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TheCIL was founded on collective action and activism. We aim to carry on this foundational spirit by continuing to fight for disability justice and pursue equitable accessibility in all facets of our community by breaking stigma and raising expectations. 

Some local and statewide issues our advocacy team is currently focusing on include:

  • Affordable and accessible housing and transportation

  • Emergency and disaster preparedness

  • Long-term/In-home support and services

  • Intersections of environmental, social and disability justice

What are issues you are worried about or care about? 



Do you want to take control of your own life and influence the community around you? We offer:

- Self & Group-Advocacy Skills Training

- Youth Self-Advocacy Workshops

- 1-on-1 Advocacy with our Core Services


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Here are ways you and I can enact larger systems changes:

- Advocacy Leadership Training

- Join Boards, Committees & Councils

- Participate in Surveys, Focus Groups and more (opportunities below)!

Interested in any trainings or services?

Community Voices Bulletin Board

Do you have a disability and use a wheelchair or motorized scooter when traveling through airports? PBS NewsHour wants to hear from you.

Help guide DOnetwork's organizing efforts for positive change within the in-home supportive services (IHSS) program statewide.
Spanish version here.

City of Berkeley needs your recommendations on how to make city facilities, programs, and website more accessible. Form closes on 2/18/2022.

Do you have speech and language impairments? Pactera EDGE offers a paid study to help improve technologies for people with disabilities. 

Apply to the Equity Working Group, a year-long process where you can help inform policy priorities for City of Oakland's General Plan. Due 1/31/2022.

Link21, a joint program between BART and Capitol Corridor need your input to better Northern California's rail experience. Survey closes on 1/31/2022.

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