TheCIL’s CORE Services adopts the cross-disability approach and the peer-based model that are central to the Independent Living Philosophy.  

Our core support includes:

Peer Counseling

  • Staff with disabilities help empower others with disabilities by sharing resources, knowledge of living with a disability, and goal setting.

Information & Referrals

  • TheCIL provides information about a wide variety of disability-related issues and community resources.


  • Self-Advocacy - Speak up for yourself.

  • Individual Advocacy - Speak up for another

  • Systems Change Advocacy - Make a change for others.

Independent Living Skills Instruction

  • With an ILS Instructor, individuals work to advance the skills necessary to live more successfully and independently. ILS training is done one-on-one in the home, out in the community, or at The CIL’s offices.

Personal Assistance Service Referrals

  • Identify available and affordable personal assistants.

  • Learn to interview, hire, train, supervise, and/or fire personal assistants

  • Create an employment agreement that clearly states the job duties of their personal assistant

Housing Assistance

  • Understand the housing options available to them

  • Locate and secure affordable housing

For more information about TheCIL's Core Services, contact:

Robin Earth

Core Services Coordinator

or contact The CIL at 510-841-4776

Main Phone: 510-841-4776
Video Phone for the Deaf: 510-356-2662
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