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Finding Affordable, Accessible Housing in the Bay Area

On Thursday, February 11 at 10 AM on Zoom, we talked to three experts in housing about the housing crisis, what to look for when conducting a housing search, new housing opportunities available, and more when it comes to people with a disability in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our panelists were:

Janet Brown is a housing consultant here at TheCIL and provides our consumers with the resources and skills they need to find adequate housing.

Stephen Beard is a realtor and accessibility specialist of The Beard Realty Team at Keller Williams Realty - Oakland with a knack for finding folks housing that suits their needs and taking advantage of special programs for people with disabilities and first-time homeowners.

Teela Carpenter is the Assistant Director of the @Oakland Housing Authority’s Leased Housing Department and has some important info about the Mainstream Voucher program, which can get low-income folks with disabilities into a home on the cheap.

And finally, moderating the panel will be our own Jocelyn Mapp, a receptionist and I&R specialist with a passion for getting folks in our community the help they need the most.

If you have any questions for our panelists, here is their contact information:

Janet Brown: (510) 841-4776 | jbrown@thecil.org

Stephen Beard: 510-364-6795 | stephen@stephenbeard.net

Teela Carpenter: Tcarpenter@oakha.org

Main Phone: 510-841-4776
Video Phone for the Deaf: 510-356-2662
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