Meet Our Team

Robert Hand

Transitional Administrator

Mike McLean

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Alexander Sing

Information & Referral Specialist

Camden Stein

Program Manager

Cheri Lorenz

Independent Living Skills Instructor

Geoff Evans

Benefits Counselor

Helena Chang

Advocacy Program Manager

Huong Nguyen

People and Organizational Development Manager 

Isabelle Flowers 

Accounting Coordinator

Janet Brown

Housing Consultant

Janice Tone

Universal Living Wellness Facilitator

Jesse Rosenberg

Videographer and Digital Content Creator

Jocelyn Mapp

Receptionist/I&R Specialist

Jody Rivera

Office Coordinator

John Benson

Residential Access Coordinator

Kacei Conyers

Community Connections (CoCo) Coordinator

Nadia Polizotto

Executive Assistant & Development Associate

Nagisa Smalheiser

Videographer and Digital Content Creator

Robin Earth

Core Services Coordinator

Roma Leffmann

Transitions Specialist

Ron LeGaux

Grant Manager

Tary Chong


Walter Chinchilla

Chief Information Officer

Zayda Ortiz

Program Manager