Helena Chang

Advocacy Program Manager




My small side hustle is that I have a sustainable fashion blog and Instagram page called Heehee's Lookbook. It is a personal diary to chronicle my sustainable-living journey and hold myself accountable to living more consciously. But, I welcome anyone to read along and join me in living a more environmentally and socially conscious life!

How did you get involved with the Independent Living Movement?

I come from an environmental-social background and was interested in the intersectionality of disability justice and environmental activism. My first role at TheCIL was educating folks with disabilities how to take public transit, but I ended up learning so much more from our community members about the importance yet lack of accessibility and accountability in all facets of our society. I believe social, disability, and environmental justice all go hand-in-hand. As an ally to the disability community, I am thankful to be in this space to continue exploring ways to bridge these movements together and push for universal and systemic change.

Fun Facts

  • I love playing volleyball with friends every weekend. Most days, I love binging shows, listening to Korean R&B/Hip Hop or Taiwanese pop, and eating dessert after every meal.

Helena Chang
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