Photo of WHILL Model M


from $9,999.00

WHILL Model M power wheelchair features patented omni-wheel technology to tackle tough terrain outside, while its compact shape and nimble steering easily navigate tight spaces.

  • 4-wheel drive: Live life without disruption and go wherever you wants to go

  • Obstacle clearance: Large 9.8” front wheels will clear terrain obstacles in your way

  • Climbing capability: Climb steep hills up to 10° incline and take on any environment

  • All directional wheels: Drive the highest performance powered wheelchair in industry

  • Additional support: It comes with various back support and many more optional additions to fit user’s body type

  • Long-distance range: Comes with two 12V 50Ah batteries which has a driving range of 15 miles to accomplish all your daily task

Interested in WHILL Model M?  Set up a demo or explore buying options by contacting:

Jeshua Aveno

Assistive Technology Coordinator​

or contact The CIL at 510-841-4776

Photo of Assistive Tech Coordinator, Jeshua Aveno