The CIL’s Youth Programs are meant to help students with disabilities be successful with their transition into postsecondary life.

Elevate at TheCIL: High School Employment Program
Accelerate at TheCIL: College Employment Program


Our Community Connections team will help you gain the skills to confidently and independently navigate the San Francisco Bay Area.


The CIL’s Social Club is for those between the ages of 14 and 24 with intellectual/developmental disabilities interested in having fun and creating lasting bonds with people just like them.


Staff with disabilities help to empower others with disabilities by sharing resources, knowledge of living with a disability, and goal setting.

For more information about TheCIL's Youth Programs, contact:

Camden Stein

Youth Programs Coordinator

or contact Th CIL at 510-841-4776

Main Phone: 510-841-4776
Video Phone for the Deaf: 510-356-2662
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